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Smartphone Access

Example report showing your existing reservations:
PDA screen shot
Example of reservation creation screen:
PDA screen shot

U-Reserve-It.Com supports all web-enabled smart phones, PDAs, and tablets which can connect to the web using a web browser. This means you can use your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, as well as any Android phone or tablet, or any other brand of internet connected handheld computer if it has Wi-Fi wireless, cellphone system, or standard modem access to the web.

The PDA interface allows you to review your existing reservations, cancel your existing reservations, or create new reservations. New reservations may be made up to 12 months in advance. Due to the space limitations on small screens, the interface shows just the critical information and does not show such things as reservation owners names, notes, etc. No administrator features are included.

Accessing the PDA interface is fast and easy and it can also be used with a standard computer browser. To access the demonstration reservation system via the PDA interface right now, click here: PDA Login Page and specify PIN: 19 and Password: DemoUser (note: passwords are not case-sensitive).

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