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Flat-fee based on number of resources
U-Reserve-It.Com On-Line Reservation Systems are priced according to the number of resources you make available for reservations. The cost is just $14.95 per resource per month for up to nine resources (aircraft, boats, cars or trucks) on your system. That includes unlimited users and reservations. There are no hidden fees or costs
Organizations with 10 or more resources pay just $7.95 for each additional resource beyond the first nine, and organizations with 30 or more pay just $4.95 per additional resource above 29. All system features and options are included and there are no other costs. You may authorize any number of users to use your system and they may make any number of reservations. View some examples on our case-studies page.

This simple pricing calculator makes it easy to determine what the service will cost your organization. Just fill in the three boxes below and click on the Calculate button.

Number of resources:
Number of users: *
Average / typical monthly hours of use per resource: *
*optional, does not affect cost

The results of the calculator are shown below. Discounts are automatically calculated for organizations with 10 or more resources. Price breaks occur at 10 and 30 resources.

Total fixed cost per month:
The following values are based on the above total cost
Effective monthly cost per resource:
Effective monthly cost per user:
Approximate hours reserved per month:
Approximate cost per reserved hour:
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