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Car-sharing Reservation Systems

Driver Features and Benefits
  • Easy to use.
  • Configuratble for hourly and/or daily reservations. Any sets or groups of hours up to all 24 can be configured to be offered for reservations. Individual vehicles can have their own configurable set of available hours.
  • Password protected so only you can make or cancel your reservations.
  • Forgot your password? No problem. On request, the system will e-mail your password only to you. You may also change your password at any time.
  • Availability view is user configurable to show from one to 31 days of availability information for all the vehicles in a group starting at any specified date. Unlike other systems which show when a car is already reserved and thus force users to figure out when it is actually available, our system gives them what they really need. They don't care so much to see that a car is not available, they want to quickly see when a car is available. Availability is displayed symbolically and with color so it is easy to use regardless of how many reservations exist.
  • Reservation view shows existing reservations for a specific vehicle on the day of interest and allows reserving, canceling, or wait-listing multiple hours or full days.
  • Waiting lists. If the vehicle you want is already reserved you can put yourself on a waiting list and, depending on the configuration, automatically be assigned that reservation when a cancellation occurs or be notified via e-mail when it becomes available.
  • E-mail confirmations of each reservation or cancellation are sent both to you (at one or more e-mail addresses) and to the system manager.
  • My Reservations report shows all of your reservations and waiting list requests on one screen.
  • One-click access to important details about each vehicle, including a picture.
  • Available 24-hours a day and 365-days a year from anywhere you can connect to the Internet.
  • Wireless access from your PDA such as a Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor, Compaq iPAQ, etc.
  • No-spam policy. U-Reserve-It.com is committed to keeping your e-mail address private and will not sell or otherwise release your e-mail address to anyone.
  • Members-only bulletin board provides a place to post messages, announcements, items for sale, etc.
System Manager Features and Benefits
  • Private - you determine in advance who may reserve your vehicles.
  • Any number of members.
  • Any number of vehicles.
  • Any number of reservations.
  • Low cost. Calculate the cost for your system by clicking here.
  • First month free for your evaluation of the system.
  • Instant system creation 24 hours a day via our on-line order form. Your system can be up and running in minutes.
  • Monthly billing of a predictable amount, no variable costs, no surprises.
  • 24-hour access by members, plus elimination of double-booking mistakes, can increase utilization.
  • Group your vehicles by type, location, rental cost, or any other classification.
  • Configurable to show or hide member names depending on who is viewing the reservations. All users may be permitted to see the names attached to individual reservations or you may tell the system to show names only to the manager. If Bob Smith is logged in he would always see his name on his reservations but all other reservations would simply say Booked instead of the member name.
  • Optionally restrict individual member's access to a sub-set of your cars and trucks, such as those they have permission to reserve.
  • Optionally limit the sum of future days of reservations by individual members.
  • Optionally limit reservation creation to a sliding period in the future such as 90 days.
  • Optionally prohibit reservation creation beyond a fixed date.
  • Only users with administrator rights may add or remove vehicles and users, enable/disable individual vehicles and users, and configure the system on-line.
  • Only you and your organization members can see reservations in the system.
  • E-mail confirmations of all reservations, cancellations, and other system activities are sent to up to two system managers.
  • Public access is possible via an optional read-only view of vehicle availability. You can put a link to your public access page on your web site.
  • Routine vehicle maintenance schedule can be blocked out in advance.
  • Configurable wait-list support allows you to choose to enable wait-lists and whether the system should automatically assign reservations to the first person in line or just notify everyone on the wait list when a cancellation occurs.
  • Policy page where you can list your policies for the reservation and use of your vehicles.
  • News and Announcements page where you can communicate short-term information to your members.
  • Send E-Mail announcements to all users in the system.
  • System Statistics Report lets you view activity and future demand and utilization of your vehicles.
  • Late-Cancellation Report allows you to detect when people cancel reservations so close to the reserved time that others don't have sufficient time to re-book that vehicle.
  • Inhibit new reservations of individual vehicles if the vehicle is not available due to repairs or other reasons.
  • Data export utility allows you to download data from your reservation system at any time for import into Excel, Access, or another database or application.
  • Reports:
    • All reservations on the current day
    • All existing reservations between two dates
    • Wait-list future (excess demand) report
    • Wait-list history (unsatisifed demand) report
    • Late-cancellations
    • User detail
    • Vehicles in system
    • System Statistics
  • Reports can be sorted:
    • By date
    • By user
    • By vehicle
  • Link to your web site if you have one.
  • Free technical support.
  • No software to install or maintain
  • No advertising
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