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Instructor Support

How It Works

Managing instructors and students can be a complex task depending on a number of situations and other variables. Since there are a variety of scenarios including formal and informal schools and independent instructors, this system is designed to permit several rule sets. The default configuration has instructor support disabled. Two modes of instructor support may be enabled, the first allows all users the option to select an instructor at the time a resource is reserved. The second option allows only superusers to link instructors to reservations. In either case it is typical for administrators to give instructors super-user rights so that they may make reservations on behalf of their students.

In either configuration mode, student reservations of resources may be linked to individual instructors and both students and instructors are notified via e-mail of all reservations, cancellations, linking and un-linking events, which affect their schedule. Depending on the configuration chosen, administrators or instructors may need to validate such events to ensure their accuracy. For instance, the system prevents the linkage of an instructor who has a conflicting reservation or student reservation however if students are allowed to link instructors to their reservations the instructor may then subsequently need to determine if he or she is indeed available at the time of that reservation. The instructor may have an external conflict (such as a doctors appointment) which the system cannot know about, which precludes the instructor from meeting the student at the selected time. In that case the instructor or administrator can simply unlink the instructor from such reservations. Students are notified of such unlinking events. Cancelling a reservation automatically deletes any instructor links that may have been associated with that reservation.

Instructor Features
  • Any reservation may be linked to an instructor.
  • Instructors and students are notified via e-mail whenever they are linked to a reservation, or unlinked.
  • A personal report showing all linked reservations including date, time, resource, and student name is displayed every time the instructor logs in.
  • Instructors and optionally students may un-link themselves from individual reservations with automatic notification of affected parties.
  • Students see their instructor name on linked reservations.
  • Only instructors without conflicting reservations or student links show up as available for linking to reservations.
Administration Features
  • Any user may be identified as an instructor.
  • Reports show all instructor/student linked reservations with the instructor name and a readily recognized symbol for easy identification.
  • Configuration options:
    • Option to enable instructor support -- super-users may link instructors.
    • Option to also allow students to select and link instructors to their reservations.
  • Superusers and optionally students may link instructors to a reservation when that reservation is created, or later.
  • System ensures that an instructor is not linked to more than one reservation at a time.
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